Esse Clarifying Serum

Boosts barrier function for problem skin

A skin supplement with 2% Salicylic Acid to help keep pores clear and Niacinamide to calm inflammation. Probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients boost skin’s barrier function. For best results use in combination with the Clarifying Oil. Apply after the oil for improved absorption.

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Product details

96% Natural
81% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
208g Carbon Offset


2 reviews for Esse Clarifying Serum

  1. Chanel Elson

    Another one of my favourite in combination with the oil.

  2. Ina-Lize Senekal

    Applying the serum over the oil makes the skin feel even more silky. It is almost as if it locks in the oil on the skin. Helped a lot with the inflammation in the skin and making sure that the skin is protected. Improved my Barrier function 100% and now my skin has changed in such a way that I do not need a moist! Best to use the Oil and Serum in combination.

    Esse Sensitive Oil/ Repair Oil and Resurrect Serum/Intensity Serum combination is my future thanks to this combination 🙂

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