Esse Ageless Serum

Ultimate firming and lifting for ageing skin

The firming and lifting effects of this age-defying serum are enhanced with long-term use. It contains a range of probiotic and plant extracts that improve skin structure and reduce pigmentation.

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Product details

99% Natural
79% Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty Free
420g Carbon Offset
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11 reviews for Esse Ageless Serum

  1. Janice West

    I’m into my twelfth month using this product and have skin like I did twenty years ago. Like all the Esse products, this is a magic potion.

    It goes a long way so a little dab will do you – I use
    One squirt mixed with a squirt of my Probiotic foundation and it covers my entire face and neck. My skin is like a baby’s bottom.

    It is great for tightening up and smoothing out those nasty saggy jowls under the chin that seem to come with menopause.

    It goes a long way and the bottle lasts me for eight months – great value for the money.

    Highly recommended!

  2. Caryl

    After using the product for a month, I noticed that my pigmentation marks were diminishing. With continued use, the general tone and texture of my skin has improved dramatically. My friends and colleagues have even commented on the difference ! This is a highly effective product.

  3. Melissa Johnson

    The answer to lifting and firming your skin. Long term use of this serum will show you the best results!

  4. Kerry

    What an outstanding serum! I can definitely notice a difference in an improvement in my skins firmness, suppleness and lightened pigmentation marks!

  5. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    This is a amazing product either to provent aging or to increase it when you in your 30s to 40s.

  6. Cordnee Lee moonsamy

    Ultimate forming and lifting. The perfect serum for older clients looking for a quick and effective way for firmer skin.

  7. Megan Fosse

    I recommended the Ageless serum to my client a month ago, she has just been back for her monthly facial and the results are truly astounding. She is so happy with her serum, she is converting to Esse. Her skin looks healthy, firm and rejuvenated.

  8. Yvette Botha

    I really enjoy using this serum with the repair oil, I think they compliment each other so well. The Ageless Serum works wonders for pigmentation and ageing skin. I think it is a must have for South African skin as we all suffer with effects of sun damage at some point in our lives.

  9. Jill Mckeith

    My skin in neck area was not looking healthy. Effects of running in the sun and I also had contact dermatitis from a facial.
    Using this serum, has given me renewed confidance.
    Results are amazing. My skin tone and texture improved so much. Love this product.

  10. Jenine Harrison

    This is the product that I can honestly say gives the best results! Its the Rolls Royce of the range and used diligently FANTASTIC things start happening to your skin. I have seen pigmentation break up and lighten, wrinkles lift and skin tone and texture improve dramatically..a product that’s worth every cent!!!

  11. Irene

    I am religious about applying every morning and every night, and always feel comfortable once applied and followed up with Restorative Moisturiser. I know my skin feels good, love the soft texture of the products and love the fact that they are not heavily perfumed which is an absolute no, no, one of those situations where you eventually feel quite headachy from an overly strong perfumed skin product!

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