We believe in the power of partnership

Esse believes that a true partnership with professional therapists is essential in creating bespoke and sustainable skincare solutions with long-term benefits for our clients.

Investing in your success

Our skincare philosophy is the same as our approach to partnership with professionals – we’re in it for the long term. We know that success in sustainably transforming the skin microbiome is accelerated by working with people who have the expertise to create bespoke solutions for our client’s individual skincare needs. In other words, we are invested in your success.

Innovation is in our DNA

There is a difference between marketing and true innovation. We work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of microbiome skincare and the latest in biotechnology. This is all in the pursuit of a single purpose – to get skin back to optimum health, so that it’s resistant to the ageing process and free from inflammation. Investing in innovation means we are also helping keep your business relevant and top of mind with clients – with real transformative solutions for skin.

Join the movement

The natural and organic skincare market remains the fastest growing segment in global skincare. There is a movement of people who demand products that are sustainable and chemical-free, yet highly effective. They are more aware than ever before of harmful chemicals and are actively avoiding them. However, avoiding chemicals is no longer enough. Highly educated customers want cutting-edge, anti-ageing products for all skin types. They are tired of false promises and empty claims and want to see real results.

Esse has shown to be highly effective in numerous independent trials in Germany. It is used and loved in over 40 countries around the world, with particularly strong presence in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Esse is certified organic by Ecocert, accredited by PeTA and the Vegan Society and is plastic and carbon neutral. In short, Esse is an ethical brand that is focused on the results required by the professional skincare market.

Benefits of working with Esse


Esse offers your clients

  • Innovation: The latest in cutting-edge biotechnology for skin.
  • Efficacy: Effective products for all skin types and concerns – including very sensitive skins.
  • Customisation: Bespoke skincare solutions and tailored products.
  • Anti-ageing: Unique anti-ageing active ingredients including live probiotics.
  • Sustainability: Healthier and younger looking skin with the long-term results.
  • Ethics: Certified ethical standards: organic, vegan, cruelty-free, plastic and carbon neutral.

Esse offers your business:

  • Partnership: A real focus on partnership with professionals therapists.
  • Difference: An opportunity to differentiate your salon from competitors.
  • Innovation: Ongoing innovation, live probiotic-based treatment protocols, and new skincare solutions based on continual microbiome skincare research.
  • Support: Tailored marketing support that will help you to expand your business.
  • Education: A range of convenient and highly flexible on-going training resources.
  • Focus: Great on-going service.

Become a professional partner

Sign up and let’s grow together.

Esse invests in education

Esse Academy

The Esse Academy educates dermatologists, medical aestheticians and skin therapists from around the world on the latest in innovation and ever-evolving biotechnology of the skin microbiome.

Microbiome course

Available in a three-day or five-day course, this course aims to cover the microbial ecosystem on skin and possible probiotic treatments for skin conditions.

Attendees will leave the course with:

  • A clear understanding of the skin microbiome, and its impact on skin health.
  • Knowledge of the key species and their role in the ecology.
  • Knowledge of how probiotics can be used to treat skin conditions.

Esse College

Our online education platform provides you with world-class training no matter where you are. The Esse College is here to give our therapists the confidence to make recommendations on treatments and skincare routines to their clients. This training program includes various theory modules and components addressing topics such as professional and retail products, ingredient technology and treatment protocols. There are 7 modules to complete and each module will receive a certificate of completion, which will culminate in a graduation.

Prescript Course

Learn about Prescript, an innovative skincare tool that empowers practitioners to create products tailored to meet clients’ unique skin needs.

Prescript starter kit includes:​

  • Your own complimentary Prescript valued up to R6000
  • Branded device valued at R7000​
  • Testers
  • Point of sale material​
  • Comprehensive in-person training:
    – Actives
    – Consultation process
    – App navigation
    – Sales & marketing support

Cost: R10,000
*R1000 per additional therapist. T&C’s apply.

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming training sessions coming soon!

To learn more about Prescript, read our FAQ’s or email prescript@esseskincare.com

Refresher Training for Prescript Practitioners

Enhance your expertise with our Prescript Refresher Training, designed to keep practitioners up to date with the latest advancements and techniques in using the Prescript app.

22 July 2024UnlimitedOnline session
30 October 2024UnlimitedOnline session

Email prescript@esseskincare.com to book your spot.

Thought leadership

The “Trevor Talks” series cover many topics from innovation to product and the latest thinking in microbiome skincare. Get a sneak-peak below or become a stockist to get access to more.

Getting under the skin of our microbiome

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