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Skin therapists are in a position that demands daily responsibility, as their clients rely on them to provide reliable advice and effective treatments. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. Esse bears this weight in mind, equipping therapists with the high-quality products and treatments they need to leave clients healthy and satisfied.

Towards this, we have launched the world’s first professional facial treatment to rewild the skin with live probiotics.

The treatment is crafted to boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, strengthen barrier function and restore the skin’s ecosystem. Prebiotics, probiotics and organic ingredients work together to soothe and hydrate the skin, and shift the microbiome to a new normal, reducing inflammation and slowing ageing.

The treatment allows for two different options that are fully customisable according to your skin’s needs:

The Esse Experience

A bespoke, hands-on facial which offers expert massage combined with active ingredients to lift, define, and sculpt the skin. Therapists are fully trained in the use of diagnostic tools to ensure the most suitable blend of products are used and applied with a combination of ancient and modern massage techniques.

The treatment can be enhanced by selection from a menu of add-on routines, employing additional massage techniques and tools such as jade rollers, Gua Sha stones, marble stones and facial cups.

Ultimate Esse Experience

This unique treatment is the world’s first live probiotic facial. Offering the same enhancements and benefits as The Esse Experience, the Ultimate option goes one step further.

Billions of live Lactobacillus microbes are applied to the treatment area. This is followed by the application of the setting Exclusion Mask, which provides the perfect anaerobic environment for the bacteria to start colonising. Lactobacillus naturally produce hyaluronic acid, which drives water into the skin, for a hydrating and plumping effect. They also produce lactic acid and anti-microbial peptides, which shift the skin microbiome in your favour, and protect against harmful microbes. Further benefits include an improvement in barrier function, increased cellular regeneration and better long-term skin health.

Return to your roots. Rewild your skin. Restore balance.

The Esse Experience and Ultimate Esse Experience are available at partner clinics, salons and spas worldwide.

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