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With the launch of the updated professional treatments comes the addition of two unique new products to the professional trolley for Esse therapists – the live Probiotic Ampoule and the oxygen excluding Exclusion Mask.

The Probiotic Ampoule contains 5 billion live cfu /ml and when used as an occasional boost, this level of microbiome intervention can shift the skin towards a “new normal” that is less prone to the sub-clinical inflammation that leads to an increased rate of ageing. The product is ideal for ageing skin as well as skins with microbial  imbalances.

The Exclusion Mask is a setting mask that forms a layer over the skin creating an anaerobic environment. That means that there will be no oxygen between the mask and the skin. Creating this anaerobic environment provides an ideal environment for the probiotics to further divide and colonize. Your skin will be covered with billions of live probiotic microbes that will actively shift the skin in the right direction by means of competitive exclusion. This allows the beneficial microbes to occupy all the docking sites and use all the nutrients, leaving no space and food sources for possible opportunistic microbes.

These two new professional products will give the new Esse Experience the edge and allow therapists the opportunity to rewild the skin in the professional treatment room.