Prescript isn’t for everyone.

Prescript isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for you.

Frequently asked questions


Off-the-shelf products cater to generic skin concerns with conservative doses of actives to minimise adverse reactions. In contrast, Prescript tailors’ products to your skin and its concerns, excluding unnecessary actives. This ensures that you pay only for the specific actives you skin needs.

We wanted to create Prescript to reach as many clients as we can, taking budget constraints into account. This is why we created a tiered system, to ensure that our Prescript clients have an equal opportunity to choose the best possible actives for their skin concerns, whilst keeping to their budget.


The customisable aspect of the prescription prevents Esse from ensuring a specific combination of active ingredients that a consumer might choose to utilise. Organic certification is granted after the formulation of the product as it involves a comprehensive assessment of the entire production process. From a logical perspective, it’s reasonable to have certain active ingredients classified as organic, some as natural, all adhering to PETA suitability for cruelty-free products, and all being vegan except for pro-vitamin D. Due to the numerous potential variations in customisation, certifying each individualised product is not a practical approach.

Esse treatments will still be compatible with your Prescript and it can help you achieve your skincare goals. If you are due for a refill on your script, you could also have the consultation with the therapist following your professional treatment to ensure your prescription is most accurate. 


We do not refer to these two products as replacements for a “moisturiser”. Instead, we consider them as comprehensive products that contain everything a client needs, effectively replacing all the leave-on products in their routine.

While it is possible to substitute with one of Esse’s other products temporarily when one of your Prescript Parts runs out, it’s important to note that these substitutes may not provide the same targeted and customised results as the client’s individual Prescript products. The Prescript products are specifically formulated to address the client’s unique skin concerns and needs, and using alternative products may not yield the same optimal outcome. Therefore, it’s recommended to reorder the prescribed Part 1 and Part 2 in advance, allowing continued use of the personalised skincare routine. 

Prescript was designed as a whole skincare regime in two products containing all the actives you need to address your skincare concerns. Should you tend to have reactions around your eye area, we recommend applying an Esse eye product to this area instead.

1. Keep the products out of direct sunlight: Sunlight can cause certain ingredients in skincare products to break down and lose their efficacy. Store the products in a dark or opaque container and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight.

2. Store in a cool environment: Heat can also degrade the potency of certain active ingredients, so it’s best to store your products in a cool and dry place.

3. Keep the containers tightly closed: Exposure to air can lead to oxidation and spoilage of some ingredients. Ensure the containers are tightly closed after each use.  

Prescript products can replace additional skincare products, forming a complete routine when used with Esse.”

The cost of Prescript products is R3100, and the typical duration of use is approximately 60 days, resulting in an average daily cost of R52. Calculate your current average expenditure on skincare products and compare it to the R52 daily cost associated with Prescript.

You can ask yourself how many times you have cappuccinos at coffee shops each week and calculate your monthly spending on them. Then, you can compare this to the monthly cost of using Prescript products.


Most certainly. You can increase the richness and nourishment of your product in each of the parts. In Part 1, you can add up to 3 shots of Humectant. Adding this will increase the thickness and add more body to the feel of your product. In Part 2, you can add more shots of Squalane. This is a slower-penetrating oil than the base product, so higher quantities of it will result in a more nourishing final product.


Esse provides this two-part system exclusively in South Africa. Follow link to find a stockist near you: Stockists

The first order is initiated through a practitioner. Subsequently, the client has the option to place two additional reorders before returning to the practitioner for a renewed prescription. The reordering process is flexible, allowing clients to place their reorder at any point, even on the same day as their initial order.

Currently, Prescript is not available outside South Africa.

If one of the products runs out before the other, you have the option to purchase the depleted product separately when you reorder. However, it’s important to note that the discount is applied when you purchase two products. This could be by purchasing Part 1 and Part 2 together, or by purchasing two of either Part 1 or Part 2. If you find that you move faster through one product, you can order two of that product on your first reorder (still earning the 25% discount), and then return to ordering both parts in your next reorder.   


Hyaluronic Acid (HERO ACTIVE)

  • Dehydration
  • Wrinkles
  • Firmness
  • Lipid Dry
  • Wrinkles
  • Maintenance

Synbiotic Mix

  • Improve Barrier function
  • Sensitive Skin

Antioxidant Mix (Hero Active)

  • Result in a darker serum colour
  • Maintenance
  • Protection from environmental stressors
  • Improved response to UV
  • Reduced cell damage

GABA (Hero Active)

  • Loss of firmness
  • Relaxes subdermal muscles to reduce wrinkle appearance
  • Improved firmness

Belide (Hero Active)

  • Pigmentation
  • Inhibits tyrosinase activity
  • Reduce melanin production
  • Skin lightening

Salicylic Acid

  • Effective against breakouts
  • Helps release corneocytes
  • Light exfoliant
  • Assist with skin lightening
  • Exclude for clients with aspirin allergy


  • Anti-ageing (reduce wrinkles)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase collagen production
  • If a client struggles with very dry skin, keep a maximum dose of 1

Omega Mix

  • Effective against pigmentation
  • Improves dehydration
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Starting material for skin lipids
  • Lacking in modern diet

Provitamin D (Hero Active)

  • Ideal for skin that doesn’t get enough sun (most modern skin)
  • Requires some UVB to activate
  • Not vegan
  • Vitamin D is important for immune control
  • Regulating inflammation

Sapienic Acid

  • Human skin’s most abundant fatty acid
  • Inhibit pathogens, feed partners
  • Ideal for breakout-prone and other problem skin
  • Excluded automatically for sensitive skin – to bear in mind if a client is breakout-prone and sensitive.


  • Mimics squalene - ±12% of human sebum
  • “Heavier” oil
  • May affect feel of product – slower penetration, more nourishment
  • Ideal for lipid dry skin


  • Long chain fatty acids to mimic sebum nutrients.
  • Prebiotic oil
  • Protection and hydration
  • Possible slight impact on Part 2 feel

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