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Welcome to the world of the Skin Microbiome Test – an opportunity for you to swab your skin and understand more about your unique microbiome.

Our skin is covered with a variety of different microbes and Esse has an offering that will allow you to understand your own skin microbiome.

The process to follow once you have your Microbiome Kit is easy and we will guide you through the process of registering your kit and swabbing your skin.

You should have received an envelope in your kit containing a swab and a collection vial. A wooden stand would also have been included to help balance your vial while you are doing your skin swab.

It is ideal to learn how do the skin swab properly before jumping in and swabbing your skin.

Please visit the Esse Microbiome website and create an account as your first step.
This is a relatively easy process and involves setting up a username and password.

Once you click SIGN UP, an activation email will be sent to the email address that you used to create the account.

The email will be sent immediately so if this is not received, please check your junk email or that the email address typed out is correct. If you still cannot find the activation email, please contact

If you have not activated your account, you will not be able to log in.
If you cannot log in, please do not attempt to do the skin swab.

Now that you have an active account, please log in and click on the kit registration tab on the website.

This step is VERY important as this is where you will link your microbiome account with your unique kit number.

Without this step, we cannot link your data to your account. If you miss this step, your swab will be processed but the data will be lost as we will not know who to link it too. After you enter your kit number you will be asked some questions.

It is important for you to complete ALL the questions otherwise the form will not submit correctly.

You will then proceed to watch the instructional video.


Once you hit submit on the questionnaire, you will get a conformation message to say your kit is registered.

Now you are ready to do the skin swab on your skin.




As a reminder, please ensure the below is kept in mind when doing your skin swab.

There is only one opportunity to swab your skin correctly so please view the support page  or contact to ensure you do this correctly.

Great! You have done the swab. So, what is next?

We will need the vial with your skin swab back so that we can sequence it in our labs.

When you send this back to us, please make sure the vial is sealed properly and place it back in the padded envelope with the forms that came with your kit.

Stick the address onto the envelope and take it to your nearest post office or courier to be sent off to us.

Your results will be shared in 6-8 weeks on your microbiome profile and detail information on your unique microbiome!